Where did the saying “when pigs fly” come from?

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Dear Wimble,

Ok.here is one where did the saying when pig’s fly come from?


Dear jaric,

Well, jaric, let me start of by saying that I’m not sure what an “ig” is. For all I know, they do fly. But, being the Great Wimble, I realize that occasionally during the electronic transmission of data, there can be errors. Thanks to my Coding Theory course in college I am able to understand this. So, obviously there was originally a “p” with the “ig” that seems to have been dropped during transmission. Of course, there’s a greater chance it was a typo.

Now, the phrase “when pigs fly” has a long history. I won’t go into detail with that though. Many years ago, some person happened to say this phrase, and word spread and it became very popular. Now, there is no way to tell why this person chose to say these exact words. But I’ll give it a go.

One day, a person (we’ll call John Doe), was asked to do something extremely impossible. Well, John Doe contemplated the task they were given. Being the sarcastic and spontaneous person that John is, John didn’t really think before they said what they said. Many people are like this. I can name a few myself, but I won’t go there either. So, obviously, the first thing that came to John’s head was “when pigs fly”. Why? Simply because John knew that pigs can’t fly and will never be able to. So, John was simply informing this person that the task John was given was an impossible task.

So, that’s how the phrase “when pigs fly” came to be so well known today. Hope I was able to help.


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